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About TST & PROJ Business

TSUN TIEN EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD. was established in 1998. Asone of the largest CFL manufacturers in Taiwan area, we havespread our lighting career to all over the world in the past 22 years. 

By 2000 we had acted as agent for the sale of products from well-known brands. Moreover, we had developed the products of HID, acrylic and rubber, and had integrated the production line of producing the related products since 2001.Furthermore, we haddesigned, developed and manufactured the products of automotive lighting by our own since 2008.  To pursue the LED headlight with high quality, we had cooperated with Korean company in designing and developing in 2003.  Most of all, our company had been capable of developing the LED headlight individually since 2005.

We always put reputation and quality at the first place.Our companyobtainsthe certification of CE, E-MARK and DOT.  Therefore, we are definitely trustworthy.  We have two factories for developing and manufacturing.  The factory of headlight production is located in Tainan, Taiwan.  The development factory of HID and LED products is located in Guangzhou, China.  Besides, acrylic and rubberproducts are developed in both factories located in Tainan and Guangzhou.

Here are thethree main items of our products.  Firstly, we offer the automotive lighting such as headlight, tail light and the peripheral merchandise. Secondly, we have all specifications for HID and LED headlight, including H4, H7, 9005, 9006, LED light bar, etc.  Thirdly, acrylic products such as vent visors and shift knob, or even rubber products such as spoiler and edge trim are all available.

What’s more,we maintain successful customer relationship with the constant improvement in customer care and after-sales services. With all our heart, we keep makinggreat efforts to meet our clients' requirements. We sincerely appreciate those who trust us and express their concerns to us. TST will continue to develop and bring our world brighter life and light.


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CE Certification

●Certificate No: R09121001E-AO1
●Range: BALLAST , TS-1012 , TS-1016 , TS-1018 , TS-1011 , H1 , H3 , H4 , H6 , H7 , H8 , H9 , H10 , H11 , 9004 , 9005 , 9006 , 9007, 880 , 881, D1S , D1R , D2S , D2R , D4S , D4R
●Reference: Matrix Test Laboratory
●Validity Period: Feb. 24, 2010

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CE Certification

●Certificate No: R07112301E
●Range:TST H.I.D. XENON , HD801-8 , H1 , H3 , H4 , H6 , H7 , H8 , H9 , H10 ,9004 ,9005 ,9006 , 9007, H11 , H13 , D2S , D1S , D1R , D4S , D4R
●Reference: Matrix Test Laboratory
●Validity Period: Dec. 10, 2007


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CE Certification

●Certificate No: R09121001E-A01
●Range: BALLAST , TST-HID , H1 , H3 , H4 , H6 , H7 , H8 , H9 , H10 , H11 , H13 , 9004, 9007, 880 , 881 ,D2S , D2R , D1S , D1R , D4S , D4R
●Reference: Matrix Test Laboratory
●Validity Period: Feb 24, 2010


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TUV Certification:E4,e4

TST,HID Certification-4,LED

TUV Certification:E13,e13

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